Hi Everyone!

I am so super excited that I have an up and running website!

I am sitting with my son doing homework and itching to play around with plug-ins. One of my kindergarteners is working on writing letters correctly. The other one is playing Minecraft. There's a pot roast in the slow cooker. I should be at least attempting to clean house so it looks like I did something today besides being a child taxi, but I'm just so excited. I want everything to be good. I want my readers to find my website and buy my book and think I'm awesome and my writing speaks to them....

It's all just so overwhelming. Starting from scratch is hard. Figuring everything out on your own is hard. I wish I wasn't so antisocial and had friends to make my webpages for me.

There are blog posts everywhere that give basics for websites and blogging, it just takes work. So if you're in this same boat, don't get discouraged.


awesome people.jpg

Hi! I'm new here.

Right now I am writing a message to my four subscribers (hi guys!), and not entirely sure what I should write to introduce myself.

My name is Mercedes Siler. I have red hair and brown eyes, I'm 5'8" and can stand to get more active. I have three kids and a husband, and a really loud guinea pig that begs for carrots every time I walk in the room or open the refrigerator door.

I write New Adult Fiction/Romance. My stories are steamy and peppered with only the best, sailor-like cussing. My dialogue is en pointe, only the best real talk for my characters. Their struggle is real but their endings are forever happy. I write only what I believe in.

I hope that you'll enjoy my blogs, like my social media pages and subscribe to my newsletter where you can get the first two chapters of my Debut novel Chasing Stars before anyone else.

Oh, and if you like what you see, please share with your own online communities.

Thank you!