"He ducks his head, shy, and I know exactly who he is. We went to school together. He was one of those shy, music kids with long hair and ripped jeans, and faded black concert tees. His shoulders are a little broader now, and his hair is shorter, but it has to be him."

River defines motherhood and femininity in this series of short stories.

"As a little girl, I would watch from under the kitchen table, mixed feelings in my little girl tummy when my mom would bring men home to sit on the back porch and drink with. I wanted my mom to be happy, wanted a father, but worried about the change. I don't want my own daughter to ever feel that confusion..."


I bite my lip. I wish there was a place to duck into, somewhere to get a cup of hot chocolate or apple pie, but my eyes land on something else.

He follows my gaze and tightens his grip on my hand. He gives me a long look before leading the way as we walk toward it.

Second in the A Story of My Life series

Taylor invites River to a bar to watch his band play. But bars have never really been her scene. Warming up with Taylor in the hotel down the street might be a better plan.

Two wounded souls. One chance at love.

Chasing Stars


I’d always seen her, even when I pretended not to. It shouldn’t have come to this. Now there’s nothing I can do to get her out of my head. I’m consumed by her. I want her, but at the same time, I’m not sure a relationship is the right thing to do.


I’ve spent my whole life fighting to keep my life in order. I can’t lose focus. Not today. Not with him—my best friend’s brother. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t forget about him. The question is if I let him get too close, will I lose everything, including my one opportunity for true love?