A little bit about Chasing Stars, my upcoming New Adult Romance:

He's her best friend's twin brother, trouble from the start....

Ares is consumed wanting to know what Nikki is all about. He’s always known her as his twin sister’s best friend, but now they’re out of high school, on their own paths, and he’s been thinking about her more and more.

Nikki is almost resigned to a lonely existence, trying to shield her little brother from their abusive mother. Ares is just a midnight snack of a fantasy; especially since he’s destined for greater things as an artist and she’s just barely making it, and grateful to his parents for helping her make it this far.

When Ares let’s her know he’s interested in finding out who she is underneath it all, Nikki is afraid of losing everything when it’s over. But it’s a risk she might be willing to take before Ares leaves for a bright future and Nikki stays behind with her crazy life.