Some Awesome Stuff About This Week

My kids went back to school Wednesday! My twins are now in first grade, so no more half day. And that means I get time at home without kids to work on writing. Woohoo!

So this is some awesome stuff that happened this week:

  1. Jen Cochrane, creator of Mind her Business did my gorgeous branding and I love all of it.
  2. Back to School Night was tonight and I get to volunteer in my first graders' classroom to do AR tests with the first graders. (I love watching them get so excited about reading.)
  3. My fourth grader's teacher seems really chill and patient and she said that if the reading passages were too difficult to let her know. (My fourth grader is a struggling reader with ADHD.)
  4. I got my website back up and running and now I can tinker with it like it's a grown up, professional MySpace.
  5. My husband and I spent the day together while the kids were at school. He woke me up with coffee and then took me out to breakfast. (True romance.)
  6. I submitted a manuscript to #pitchwars.

So that was my week.